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About Us

A lot of companies say they want to change the world.

We’re here to do it.

To put it simply:

We’re here to prove what the blockchain can do. To change the world to a place where trust isn’t implied − it’s guaranteed. Where everyone gets a fair shake, and no one gets shaken down.

Where your vote is your vote. Your name is yours alone. And your word is your bond. A place where everything that matters is protected by a bond that is unbreakable: the blockchain.

About Blockchains

Blockchains is a company dedicated to conceptualizing, building, and incubating blockchain-powered ideas. Founded in July 2014 by Jeffrey Berns, a consumer protection attorney and early adopter of blockchain technology, Blockchains seeks to protect and empower individuals through blockchain-based applications.

In June 2019, Blockchains acquired, a German development company founded to securely connect the internet of things to blockchain networks. Our integrated company develops products for Web3, with an emphasis on digital asset custody and management, digital identity and reputation, and connecting devices to blockchains. With these pillars as the foundation of our technology platform, we are committed to building solutions that provide safe entry to the next-generation web and the sharing economy.

Blockchains is building products to safely introduce individuals and businesses to the decentralized web.

Our Products

Our products presently in development include a custody and management solution for private keys and digital assets that leverages our highly secure network of underground bunkers in the US and abroad; a digital identity and reputation framework that will allow individuals to exercise complete control over their personal information and monetize that information if they so choose; the Incubed client, which connects internet-enabled devices to blockchain networks; and a software developer kit (SDK) that will provide third-party dApp developers with the ability to connect to and utilize the core technology of our platform. We believe our products and the applications developed using our platform will work in tandem to establish an accessible, secure entry point to Web3.

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Our Vision for the Future

As we continue to build our suite of Web3 products and tools, Blockchains looks toward the development of a smart city where these technologies can be implemented for the benefit of residents and businesses alike. We also envision the creation of a distributed collaborative entity, a new kind of decision-making and organizational structure, to ensure that Blockchains properly represents all stakeholder groups.

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