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About Us

A lot of companies say they want to change the world.

We’re here to do it.

To put it simply.

We’re here to prove what the blockchain can do. To change the world to a place where trust isn’t implied − it’s guaranteed. Where everyone gets a fair shake, and no one gets shaken down.

Where your vote is your vote. Your name is yours alone. And your word is your bond. A place where everything that matters is protected by a bond that is unbreakable: the blockchain.

A Vision for a Distributed Collaborative Entity

We believe that, together, we will start a movement. We won’t be able to effectuate great change if we remain rooted in our own vision of a new future or, to the extreme contrary, we try too hard to force our particular vision into existing, outdated systems. The development of human-friendly technology requires good governance. Blockchains believes that means the people affected by decisions should have a clear say in making them. Because of that belief, we have set out to create a distributed collaborative entity (DCE).

Instead of decision-making power resting at the top of an organization, the DCE would ultimately distribute 100% control, as well as substantial ownership rights, to various stakeholder groups within it. Each of these groups would have its own internal governance framework to define its mission and values, which we think would encourage groups to organize according to, and advocate for, their interests when making decisions regarding shared resources.

In the spirit of collaboration and transparency, we are publicly documenting the development of the DCE governance model so that our decision-making process and reasoning are as clear as possible. In the open source spirit, we also invite anyone interested to contribute ideas and criticism, as well as to implement aspects of our governance protocol in their own organizations as they see fit.

Where the future lives.

In 2018, Blockchains acquired more than 67,000 acres of land in northern Nevada for the purpose of building a new kind of business and residential community. In the most digitally connected state in the Union, we’re bringing together the thinkers, the builders, and the doers. Partners who want to help us realize the full potential of blockchain technology to improve individuals’ lives.

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Concept Architecture by EYRC Architects + Tom Wiscombe Architecture

Blockchains is involved in a diverse array of world-changing ideas, with more on the way.

Our Projects

Our projects currently in development focus on financial services, trusted identity solutions and distributed application (Dapp) software for the Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain projects represent the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas currently being developed within the tech space. The entire blockchain platform is based on the guarantee of trust, and as partners, we promise completely personal, completely transparent communication, collaboration and support − from beginning to end.

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