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Using IN3 for Rust

IN3 applications can now be written in Rust. What is in this release?

  • Well-documented API support for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and IPFS.
  • Customizable storage, transport, and signing.
  • All of IN3’s verification capabilities with examples and much more!
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An Update from Blockchains

As a company focused on bringing the promise of blockchain technology to fruition, Blockchains is presently developing its core technology platform for Web 3.0, which will focus on digital asset custody and digital identity management. Additionally, we are building a software development kit with multiple tools that will allow third-party developers to create applications to broaden our platform.

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IN3 Is Live on Ethereum

We are excited to share the first productive release of IN3 (Incubed) with the Ethereum community! The stable, mainnet-ready client has been a project in the making for some time. Blockchains, and our development arm,, is happy to reach this milestone in the software’s development.

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IN3 Client - Secure Blockchain Access for IoT Devices & Decentralized Applications

Establishing a secure connection to the blockchain on a small loT device isn’t easy, but that’s why we built IN3 (in-cubed), a stateless client that can run with zero storage (except for the code and optional cache). IN3 operates without a single point of failure and is able to verify all data. In the same way a light client uses full nodes to fetch data to verify, IN3 relies on a set of distributed full nodes – and anybody can run and register such a node in the registry contract. But unlike the light client, IN3 doesn't constantly sync within the p2p network; it only sends requests as needed.

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Blockstar Spotlight: Termeh Mozafari

At Blockchains, we work best as a team. Every team member brings something valuable to the table. In this next Blockstar Spotlight, we interviewed full-stack developer Termeh Mozafari. She shared with us her journey from Iran to the US, her work at Blockchains, and what she thinks Blockchains’ role is in the tech ecosystem.

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The Importance of Legally Defining a Public Blockchain

Incentivizing the growth of emerging technology companies is a tricky proposition. A lot of ingredients go into creating an ecosystem that can support the growth of these companies, and what works in one place does not necessarily work in another. Nevada has found one successful ingredient – light-touch state legislation, which signals to the blockchain ecosystem that we understand and embrace blockchain technology.

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Nevada’s New Blockchain Legislation: What It Means

Carson City, Nevada, was busy this month as Governor Sisolak signed four blockchain bills into law. SB 161, SB 162, SB 163, and SB 164 create a sophisticated and light-touch regulatory environment for individuals and the Nevada emerging technology ecosystem to leverage.

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Blockstar Spotlight: Andrei Ivasko

A company is only as good as the people behind it. In our new blog series, we interview team members (or Blockstars, as we like to call them) about their contributions to the company. The first on our list is full-stack developer Andrei Ivasko.

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A Great Union

I could not be more excited about our acquisition of Adding the company’s founders and development team to Blockchains allows us to greatly accelerate blockchain development efforts for our own products and collaborative partnerships.

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Blockchains’ Governance Development Update: GitHub and Internal Education

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind in Blockchains land. Though, to be fair, every week in startup world is a whirlwind. Here’s a summary of our recent distributed collaborative entity (DCE) governance efforts and developments, as well a preview of some of what’s coming.

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Blockchains’ Distributed Collaborative Entity: A New Multi-Stakeholder Corporate Governance Model

We’ve got some ideas, but we don’t have all the answers. We want your feedback as we publicly document the development of the governance model behind the world’s first distributed collaborative entity (DCE). For this reason, we’re choosing to be as transparent as is reasonably possible from the start. Over the coming months, we’ll publish a series of posts specifying our roadmap and methods.

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A Note From Our Founder

On the eve of our global launch in Prague, I said to multiple people, “this is the end of the beginning of a journey I began 7 years ago.”

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