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The internet was created to help move information from person-to-person in a digital way, online. Like the internet, blockchain is an emerging online technology that helps people move their possessions (assets) through a secure digital transaction from person-to-person. To process these transactions, people will need a digital ID that will help them manage their digital assets. The world needs more blockchain software engineers (aka developers) to help create apps that make it easier for everyone to use blockchain to its fullest potential – much like how developers made the internet easier for people to use.

Blockchain technology has many uses, and many different types of companies can take advantage of the benefits of blockchain to help make their businesses more efficient and cost-effective by using these secure digital transactions. As a result, blockchain is progressing quickly, and the workforce needed to support the growth of companies using blockchain technology must expand to keep up with demand. Gaining a strong understanding of blockchain is necessary for the long-term growth of developers and the companies that need them.

To assist in developing the blockchain workforce, Blockchains has embarked on an education initiative to create college-level (postsecondary) blockchain courses that will be taught to seniors in high school. In partnership with Nevada high schools and postsecondary educational institutions, Blockchains’ goal is to prepare the next generation to enter the blockchain technology workforce. These high school seniors can get a head start in life by learning about emerging technologies so that they can begin their careers sooner.

Blockchains Education Initiative

What We Do


Blockchains has developed Blockchain I & II. These are courses that will introduce students to blockchain technology. The pilot program for Blockchain I & II launched in Fall 2020 through Western Nevada College (WNC) and Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) and be offered to four Nevada high schools: Damonte Ranch High in Reno, Cheyenne High and Spring Valley High in Las Vegas, and Oasis Academy in Fallon.

Blockchain I & II will be offered as dual credit, allowing high school students who enroll to receive both college and high school credit. Blockchain I is an introduction to blockchain technology: what blockchain is, how it was developed, how it works, and the challenges and opportunities blockchain faces. Students will engage in hands-on work, such as coding in JavaScript. Blockchain II focuses on how blockchain technology is applied to address both network-driven issues and real-world business problems. Students will engage in hands-on work, such as light coding in an introduction to Solidity, to lay a foundation in blockchain development.

After demonstrating the courses’ success, we hope to bring the courses to all schools across the state of Nevada.


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Blockchain Education Pilot Program