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There are no upcoming events scheduled at this time. Please check back soon for updates.

Past Events

Incubed Productive I Release

The Incubed Protocol Goes Live on Ethereum

On Wednesday, January 15, we’re commemorating the official stable release of the Incubed cryptoeconomic client on the Ethereum mainnet and its associated test networks. Steffen Kux, Simon Jentzsch, Christoph Jentzsch, and others will give informative presentations about Incubed and answer any questions you may have.

Art Within the Machine

A Tech-inspired Open Mic

Blockchain is the future (or so technologists say). But many of the core human issues raised by the invention of blockchain tech are topics that have fueled the discourse of artists and thinkers for millennia. We invite you to explore the many themes this topic stirs, be it centralization and decentralization, permanence and immutability, or ever-present classics like global capitalism. Bring poetry, essay excerpts, songs, short comedy routines, or other verbal art (original or simply for you to read with authorial attribution) to perform at this tech-inspired open mic. We encourage topics directly related to blockchain, but any tech-related art is welcome. Potential themes to explore may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Technology and duplication vs. inimitability (i.e., can’t be copied)
  • Centralization and decentralization in human ecosystems
  • Permanence/immutability
  • Technology’s influence on human social consciousness
  • Social or ecological impact on the biosphere
  • Global capitalism and the rise of the corporation
  • Ethical implications of technology

This event is free and open to the public.

OFFDevcon Meetup

Blockchains + met after the second day of Devcon

The Blockchains + team shared updates about recent developments and works in progress at an offsite meetup in Osaka, Japan. Our Vice President of Technology Christoph Jentzsch, and other lead developers, also presented throughout the night.

Key Speakers

Christoph Jentzsch

Vice President of Technology

Let's Talk: Identity + Social Impact + Blockchain

Join us for a fireside chat on August 21, 7pm, at Bibo Coffee Company

What is digital identity and how can blockchain technology be leveraged to address social issues like identity documentation for displaced people?

Join us for a fireside chat on digital identity guided by a blockchain expert and a social activist. Bring your questions and ideas to discuss where blockchain and social impact can intersect.

This event is free and open to the public.

Key Speakers

Meg VanDeventer

Partner Engagement Lead at Blockchains

Griffin Peralta


Global Launch Event


What an amazing time we had at DevCon IV in Prague this year! We hosted a Global Launch Event where we mingled with a lot of new friends and partners, and shared a huge announcement about the future of Blockchains. Our founder, Jeffrey Berns, took the stage to speak about all the groundbreaking things to come and how we plan to use blockchain technology to change the world for the better. Check out our “videos” page to view this special keynote performance.

Key Speakers

Jeffrey Berns

CEO & Founder

David Berns


Tech Summit

Learn why Nevada is the next center of the tech universe

Blockchains was honored to be a part of the premier tech conference for leading-edge entrepreneurs and investors alike. It’s simply one of the reasons innovative companies like Blockchains, LLC are flocking to northern Nevada. With industry icons, hundreds of developers, change agents and investors from around the U.S., blockchain technology and other game-changing innovations take center stage.

Key Speakers

Governor Brian Sandoval

State of Nevada

Elon Musk


JB Straubel


Jeffrey Berns

Blockchains, LLC

Shawn Watanabe