Do Good
We empower people, protect the planet, and fight for what's right.

Our Beliefs


We empower people, protect the planet, and fight for what’s right.

We are on a mission to reimagine and build the infrastructure and tools needed for greater control over digital interactions and better protection of user data as we prepare for the next generation of the internet – Web3 – all for the purpose of empowering individuals.

Our purpose drives Blockchains’ strategic decisions, partnership evaluations, organizational structure, hiring processes, and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our Beliefs

Ethos for Collaboration

As collaborative partners, we seek to reidentify the corporate model. In so doing, the following guiding principles govern our relationships and joint projects:

First and foremost, we believe in standing up for the individuals – those who often get overlooked in traditional business models. We commit to establishing a new way of doing business that no longer views the individual as a consumer, but instead partners with the individual as a prosumer: a person who not only consumes a product, but also helps produce it. By redefining the relationship between businesses and their audiences, we can ensure that everyone has a stake in our company’s profitability, products, and approach.

We will demonstrate that products and services currently provided through centralized business models can thrive in a distributed ecosystem, whether it be through using blockchain technology to ensure provenance, facilitating payments in cryptocurrency, or embracing non-hierarchical corporate governance and decision-making.

It is our belief that for individuals to have equal footing with companies, they need access to verifiable information. We share a commitment to create more efficient, equitable, and transparent systems to enable a level playing field for all.

To protect individuals and their private data, we will work toward creating a community that places all decisions regarding the use of individual data in the hands of the individual, thereby empowering the user to control access rights to such data.

It is our intent that together, we will innovate and implement emerging technologies in a way that benefits everyone – and in doing so, create the blueprint for a revolutionary new corporate and social model.




Ways We Do Good

We are dreamers, builders, thinkers, and innovators here to prove what the blockchain can do. Our purpose — to reimagine everything and empower everyone — may be too ambitious to some, but not to us. We believe in it and work hard every day to make sure that our vision is realized. While we consider ourselves a young company, we believe it's never too early to have an eye toward community impact. Our principal core value is, in fact, "Do Good."

Increase Opportunity

Education and Workforce Development

Be Good Stewards

Caring for Our Community and Planet

Inspire & Promote Innovation:

Business & Economic Development

Blockchains Education Initiative

We are dedicated to creating positive economic change for the betterment of the community. For us, that starts with education and workforce development right here in Nevada.

Increase Opportunity

RoadTrip Nation

Blockchains founder meets with three young Nevadans as they journey through the state to discover how many opportunities await. Watch the video.

“You will find success, whether it be financial or emotional, if you do something you’re passionate about.” – Jeffrey Berns

UNR Wolfpack Sponsorship

For every shot blocked by Nevada Men’s Basketball team, we donated $50 to Community Chest, a nonprofit agency dedicated to serving children and families in northwestern Nevada. In two years, Blockchains proudly donated over $10,000.

UNLV Blockchain Day

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) presented Blockchain Day, which was a culmination of coursework from Fundamentals of Blockchain Technology Blockchains proudly co-sponsored the event, with our Blockstars participating as moderators throughout, in addition to delivering the morning keynote presentation.

Washoe County School District Career Expo

We’re always excited to share our blockchain knowledge with our community. Blockchains spent time teaching students about the fundamentals of blockchain tech at the Washoe County School District Career Expo.

Henderson Library District: Future Fair

Blockchains teamed up with other tech companies in the region to support Henderson Libraries’ Future Fair to showcase technology offered by the library that is forward-thinking and cutting edge.

Project Frontier

Blockchains has become a steward of the majestic wild horses that roam our property. We have created a non-profit organization to manage and protect the mustangs and preserve the rangeland ecosystem.

Be Good Stewards

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Protecting the environment and conserving Earth’s limited natural resources is important to Blockchains. As such, we’re a firm advocate of the three Rs of waste management: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Reduce the amount of disposable materials we consume, such as plasticware and paper cups, as well as adhere to responsible paper use and printing guidelines. Reuse plastic bags for trash collection and repurpose old clothes as cleaning rags. Recycle paper, plastic, glass, aluminum, and other materials. We believe that every small effort helps our planet.

Food Bank of Northern Nevada

In a company-coordinated opportunity, several Blockstars came together as volunteers at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada, an emergency food service for families in northern Nevada, to process about 4,000 pounds of food – equivalent to about 3,300 meals. We raised an additional 1,300 meals through a virtual food drive.

Blockchain in Nevada

Blockchains hopes to see the state’s nascent blockchain ecosystem continue to grow, and we believe blockchain-friendly legislation signals to others that Nevada embraces the technology’s economic development potential. We welcome blockchain competitors to join us in northern Nevada as we explore the cutting edge of technology.

Inspire & Promote Innovation:

Blockchain Legislation

To encourage the growth of blockchain business within Nevada, Blockchains has and continues to support blockchain-friendly legislation in Nevada. Blockchains worked closely with Senator Kieckhefer and publicly testified in support of all the senator’s blockchain bills, including SB161, SB162, SB163, and SB164. Additionally, Blockchains led educational presentations to help state legislators understand both how blockchain technology works and its possible applications.

InNEVator Blockchain Accelerator

In support of accelerating the growth of Reno’s tech ecosystem, Blockchains partnered with the University of Nevada, Reno Innevation Center as lead collaborator for its Spring 2020 InNEVator program on blockchain technology. InNEVator is an eight-week, fully funded startup accelerator with a track record of success for early-stage technology companies.

IndyForum Reno

Joining The Nevada Independent editor and other prominent figures from the community in a dialogue-driven event, Jeffrey Berns participated in an in-depth conversation about tech, housing, development, and growth – and what can be done to balance all of it for the best quality of life.