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Frank Friesacher

Frank Friesacher

VP, Strategy and Innovation

Frank brings over 25 year’s experience in leading new product development, product strategy and commercialization of innovative software-hardware technologies. Frank has held key roles in large organizations such as the Fortune 200 listed Cummins Inc – heading-up the creation of its Digital Accelerator in 2017-2018, and in the government running Centers of Excellence for incubating tech start-ups. Early in his career as an engineering manager, he found his love for building new innovative start-ups into mature businesses, and after 8 start-ups, including several of his own, he has experienced what it means to be agile in all stages of growth and what it takes has lead innovation such as with: the first e-Check; the first online banking portal; IoT in Usage-Based Insurance; in-vehicle voice recognition, as well as award-winning AI-based predictive maintenance solutions for satellite and cellular telemetry in aircraft and mobile assets.

More recently, Frank has focused on the world-changing possibilities of blockchain technologies and their application to transform traditional business, Internet 3.0, and personal digital lifestyles. Joining a blockchain-IoT start-up in Reno-Tahoe, NV, in 2018, he discovered the great skiing and outdoor lifestyle the area offered. Now at Blockchains, he leads product management and UX as well as strategy and product commercialization for a new ecosystem of blockchain-based products such as e-wallets, digital identities, digital payments, and their application informing real-world solutions.

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