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Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Director of Energy & Utilities Innovation

Mark Johnson is Blockchains’ Director of Energy & Utilities Innovation. Mark’s key values of learning and teaming drive his work to manage Blockchains’ energy and utility initiatives, as well as to collaborate with the innovation team to develop and execute a plan to transform the energy and utilities sector based on discovery, design, and proving-out of breakthrough blockchain for smart communities and utility infrastructure. He’s also responsible for driving the business for external customer solutions, external pilot projects, and partnership programs, fostering the advanced use of transactive blockchain technologies and blockchain-enabled sensors in the digital transformation of the clean energy sector. Previous experience includes helping to startup clean energy blockchain technologies, leading multibillion-dollar U.S. Department of Energy programs, and leading multimillion-dollar projects as Smart Cities Chief of Schneider Electric.

Mark holds a degree in American and Asian studies from the University of Notre Dame, as well as an MBA in accounting from Loyola University Chicago. He’s passionate about leading Blockchains’ NV Energy deployments with valued trust and aftercare, ultimately aiming to perfect business models for efficient tracking, tracing, and trading of clean energy credits via blockchain with real-world solar, storage, and EV charging deployments. In his free time, Mark likes to travel with his wife and four children, alongside spending as many hours as possible in the outdoors walking, hiking, biking, and/or swimming.

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