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Steffen Kux

Steffen Kux

Director of Product Development

As Director of Product Development, Steffen Kux is responsible for coordinating a team of about 30 developers to build innovative products which empower people to manage self-sovereign and secure their digital asset and identity. As part of the technical strategy team, he designs technical concepts and the architecture of the software products for innovative asset and identity management and other blockchain-based solutions – always with the focus on making blockchain technology applicable for ordinary users and building the most secure systems.

As an applied mathematician, Steffen started his career in 2000 in the automotive industry as a method- and software developer for mathematical and simulation software, with a special focus on applications using mathematical optimization, numerical simulation, and artificial intelligence.

Blockchain technology became his new passion once joining the blockchain software development company, slock.it, which Blockchains acquired in 2019. Responsible for various blockchain related projects, he and his team developed prototypes and real-life products, with a special focus on applications that connect Internet of Things devices and blockchain technology.

In his spare time, he likes to devote himself to his family, has written and published several books, volunteers at his children’s school and church, and can’t keep his fingers off the computer.

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