Our People

Tom Hansen

Tom Hansen

Director, User Experience Design

Tom Hansen is the Director of User Experience Design at Blockchains.  He collaborates with product stakeholders to create ethical digital user experiences with intuitive interfaces that focus on solving real people’s problems.  Using the design thinking process, he works to decrease development time while ensuring successful product launches through user experience research and iterative prototyping.

Tom is an accomplished, highly certified creative professional with extensive experience in product design and has created high-profile products for the likes of Universal Studios, Warner Bros, Disney, Sony, Nike, Microsoft, and NASA.  He has founded many of his own design agencies, generating IP acquired by Zynga and Universal Studios.  He has successfully led design teams for more than 20 years, developing a reputation as a best-in-class designer and launching hundreds of high-quality products enjoyed by millions.

Tom is a former college linebacker and currently a decent racquetball player.  He has two insanely intelligent, active children: one student at the University of Chicago who loves Model UN competitions and learning languages; and one varsity football player at Reno High, who loves hot wings and fantasy football. He lives in Reno, NV, with his beautiful wife, who he dotes on daily.