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Our products presently in development include a custody and management solution for private keys and digital assets that leverages our highly secure network of underground bunkers in the US and abroad; a digital identity and reputation framework that will allow individuals to exercise complete control over their personal information and monetize that information if they so choose; the Incubed client, which connects internet-enabled devices to blockchain networks; and a software developer kit (SDK) that will provide third-party dApp developers with the ability to connect to and utilize the core technology of our platform. We believe our products and the applications developed using our platform will work in tandem to establish an accessible, secure entry point to Web3.

Custody & Management

Digital Assets

Our first step in using blockchain technology to empower individuals is digital asset custody and management. Blockchains is building a key management storage solution that will ultimately leverage our highly secure network of underground bunkers to provide consumers with easy access to, and robust protection of, their digital assets.

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Blockchains Digital Asset Custody

Blockchain Connectivity

Incubed Client

The value of public blockchain networks is limited if we cannot easily access them. Running a full node, or a computer, on a blockchain requires a lot of memory. Because of this, many people are discouraged from engaging with the growing world of Web3. Enter Incubed, memory-efficient software to securely connect your devices to different blockchains.

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Blockchains Incubed Client

The Virtual You

Digital Identity

By going online and interacting with companies in the real world that digitize their records, you are creating a comprehensive digital identity. Your data – medical, financial, and personal – has been recorded and stored without much say by you as to how it’s later used. Instead, it’s largely controlled by the institutions with which you interact: the DMV, the doctor’s office, the bank, social media platforms, search engines, and shopping websites. It’s time for a better way.

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blockchains digital identity