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The Virtual You

Digital Identity

By going online and interacting with companies in the real world that digitize their records, you are creating a comprehensive digital identity. Your data – medical, financial, and personal – has been recorded and stored without much say by you as to how it’s later used. Instead, it’s largely controlled by the institutions with which you interact: the DMV, the doctor’s office, the bank, social media platforms, search engines, and shopping websites. It’s time for a better way.

blockchains digital identity illustration

Blockchains envisions an identity management solution that safeguards user privacy and ensures that access to and control of personal information is managed completely by the individual user. First, however, we need to build the foundation that underlies this system. To align the distributed ledger technology we are building with digital identity standards, our initial focus is on the three following areas:

Universal Login: Secure login access for users across Blockchains’ product ecosystem

Biometric Authentication: Unique biological characteristics to be measured to enable access to our platform

Identity Management System: To provide ease of access and interoperability when interfacing with different applications

Each of these areas will be developed in phases. Once the foundation of our digital identity solution is established, we will add management and reputation features to enable users to have greater control over their personal data.