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Blockchain Connectivity

Incubed Client

The value of public blockchain networks is limited if we cannot easily access them. Running a full node, or a computer, on a blockchain requires a lot of memory. Because of this, many people are discouraged from engaging with the growing world of Web3. Enter Incubed, memory-efficient software to securely connect your devices to different blockchains.

Blockchains Incubed Client

Known as a “minimal verification client,” Incubed allows individuals to simultaneously connect their internet of things (IoT) devices to multiple blockchain networks, such as Ethereum. Because the client does not need to sync with, or download all the data from, the live blockchain network, users can turn on their IoT-enabled devices and start using Incubed. Further, Incubed will be based on a decentralized network, that is, responses will be verified by proofs delivered by other nodes, or computers, in the network.

As an added security measure, the Incubed network will include “Watchdog” nodes, which will test the veracity of other nodes’ actions. For instance, if a false blockhash (a block’s reference number) is delivered to a Watchdog, then the offending node will be “convicted” in the registry and lose its deposit.


IoT-ready iconIoT-Ready

Incubed is highly optimized for small devices and microcontrollers (running with only 128 KB of RAM).

chain agnostic iconChain-Agnostic

A single Incubed client can connect to several blockchains simultaneously.

secure decentralized iconSecure and Decentralized

Responses will be verified based on proofs delivered by nodes within a decentralized network.

no login iconNo Login

No central server. All permissions are managed by cryptographic keys.

stateless iconStateless

The client does not need to sync, which means you can turn on your device and immediately start using it.

no single point of failure iconNo Single Point of Failure

Incubed will be based on a decentralized network, meaning zero downtime.