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Device Connectivity to Blockchain

You probably already know, or at least have an inkling of, the revolutionary ways a blockchain can change how we function economically, legally, and socially. By connecting devices to a blockchain – from smartphones and computers to internet-enabled cars, apartment smart locks, and security systems – we can facilitate a sharing economy for the internet of things.

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Digital Asset Custody and Management

Blockchains is developing a hybrid “hot” and “cold” digital asset custody solution. While hot and cold (online vs. offline) storage are important within blockchain-based decentralized systems, neither method can independently provide both robust digital asset protection and accessibility. We combine both in our solution to empower individuals to safely and directly store, access, and manage their digital assets.

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Digital Identity

Blockchains is building a digital identity and reputation solution to safeguard access to consumers’ personal data, such as financial documents, medical records, and other identifying information. The system will be designed to securely bind your data to your unique physical identity, and the application will hash and encrypt individuals’ personal identifying information.

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Operating since the summer of 2016, ETHNews is a leading distributor of Ethereum, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency news. The digital publication aggregates breaking news, emerging use cases, and in-depth analyses on blockchain developments from reputable news sites.

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