When thinking of digital assets, cryptocurrency often comes to mind. However, currencies such as bitcoin and Ether do not capture the full range of possibilities offered by the digital asset class. For example, digital art, rights to physical assets, or even personal identifiable data can also be represented digitally as tokens on blockchain networks.

Whether you’re dabbling in the space or a crypto veteran, it’s time for a better, more secure place to store, manage, and access your digital assets.

A New Digital Assets Class

Risks & Challenges

Risks & Challenges

Ownership and control of blockchain-based digital assets start with keys and signatures. As an owner of a digital asset, you hold a “private key,” which essentially asserts you as the owner of the rights and permissions granted to that asset. A “signature” represents your authorization to share or transfer access rights to your asset(s) to someone else. While a primary benefit of Web3 is decentralization - no middleman standing in your way – the trade-off is that if your key is lost or stolen, your access to the corresponding assets is permanently lost as well. Our Web3 ID solution aims to solve that.

Tokenized Assets

Tokenized Assets

In addition to cryptocurrency, rights to assets and credentials can be represented digitally as tokens on a blockchain. Rather than allow a middleman to control your assets, a Web3 ID integrated digital wallet provides you with a direct method to verify ownership of your digital assets: cryptocurrency, NFTs, tokenized assets, and even the personal identifiable information associated with your digital identity.

Key Management

Key Management

Blockchain plays a vital role in rights management, allowing a digital asset to be distributed but not duplicated. However, private keys and digital signatures present points of vulnerability for individuals not technologically savvy enough to secure them on their own. A Web3 ID solution offering a private key storage solution within a network of military-grade bunkers and the ability to recover lost or compromised keys provides you with the protection you need.

Our Unique Approach

To address the challenges and risks of owning your identity and having complete control over your digital assets, our Web3 ID solution offers a secure, user-friendly digital wallet for storing your credentials as well as your cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other assets. Our key management feature provides you with not only the controls over such access rights but also the ability to recover lost or compromised private keys. To add to our solution offering, Blockchains owns several highly secure bunkers in the U.S. and Europe to offer robust protection of your private keys – shielding you from many risks inherent to blockchain technology.

Role-based Keys Icon

Role-based Keys

Assign separate roles to your private keys, allowing each to perform one or several unique tasks

Recovery Key Icon

Recovery Key

If your key is lost or stolen, it can be removed or replaced by another key, ensuring your access to the associated assets is never compromised

Privacy Icon


By design, core privacy principles are built into the solution – access controls are entirely in your hands

Custodial Flexibility Icon

Custodial Flexibility

Self-managed to fully managed, and anything in between

Ultra Secure Icon

Ultra Secure

Highly secure locations offering unique physical conditions, providing you with one of the safest and most secure means of storage in the world

Tokenized Physical Asset Storage Icon

Tokenized Physical Asset Storage

Physical vaults will offer physical storage of your private keys and tokenized, physical assets

Redundancy Icon


Highly secure properties in the U.S. and abroad to store assets in a distributed manner, thereby shielding them from vulnerabilities and threats in any one location

Wallet Integration Icon

Wallet Integration

Vault services fully integrate with your Web3 ID digital wallet