Digital Asset Management

With businesses giving way to digital repositories, and paper contracts ceding to digital signatures, it’s time for a better place to store all our digital assets. To address the challenges and risks of an individual or entity having total control over their digital assets, a secure, user-friendly interface with the means to transact and store those digital assets is fundamental in the development of applications and systems that interact with blockchain-based solutions. As part of our digital asset management solution, we provide a friendly digital wallet and a secure key management tool with a role-based rights management and recovery feature. Additionally, we offer custodial managed keys in our bunker infrastructure, which preserves the user’s full control over their assets, as well as custodial hot and cold storage in our high-security bunker infrastructure.

A New Digital Assets Class

Risks & Challenges

Risks & Challenges

The influx of new digital assets requires secure storage. Despite the advantages of blockchain, much to do with the blockchain ecosystem starts with keys and signatures. The owner of a particular key is the technical owner of the rights and permissions which are granted to that key. A primary benefit of public blockchains is the immutability that comes from having no central authority that can mandate or censor a change to the network. The trade-off is that if a key is lost or stolen, access to the corresponding assets and funds is permanently lost as well.

Tokenized Assets

Tokenized Assets

In addition to cryptocurrency, rights to assets can also be represented digitally as tokens on a blockchain, a concept called tokenization. Rather than allow multiple intermediaries to control their assets, savvy consumers will look toward tokenization as a more direct and untainted method to verify ownership of their assets: tokenized property, commodities, tradeable goods such as units of electricity, and even personal identifiable data associated to a user's digital identity.

Digital Assets Backed by Cryptography

Digital Assets Backed by Cryptography

Blockchain plays a vital role in rights management, as it allows for a digital asset to be distributed but not duplicated. Such transfers are controlled using a cryptographic technique known as a digital signature – a user "signs" a transaction with their private key. Ownership of private keys can be compared to owning the keys to the proverbial castle; the assets are only as secure as the key to access them is.

Our Unique Approach

Our approach to digital asset management encompasses a digital wallet, key management tool, and high-security, military-grade bunker infrastructure for securely storing and operating private keys and physical tokenized assets. The wallet and secure key management tool uses a multi-signature (multi-sig) code contract, role-based keys with granular permission management, account separation for enhanced privacy, recovery keys, daily limits, social recovery, and co-signing, and allows the user to take full control over the level of custodianship of their private keys. At the core, our asset wallet can manage cryptocurrencies and other digital assets and uses a highly secure role-based cryptographic signature architecture known as extended multi-sig. Based on the Gnosis Safe, we've added functionality whereby each key has certain roles that are granted certain rights and permissions within the wallet. To add to the solution offering, Blockchains has procured several highly secure bunkers in the U.S. and Switzerland to offer robust protection of users' private keys, thereby shielding them from many of the risks inherent to blockchain. Once built to our specifications, these nuclear bomb and electromagnetic pulse-resistant facilities in two stable countries will offer unmatched digital asset storage protection.

No Single Point of Failure Icon

No Single Point of Failure

Strong multisig wallet deployed atop the public Ethereum chain and enhanced through fine-grained permission and rights system for each individual key

Role-based Keys Icon

Role-based Keys

Offering initiation, approval, and recovery keys – each assigned separate roles – allowing each to perform one or several tasks

Recovery Key Icon

Recovery Key

If a key is lost or stolen, it can be removed or replaced by another key, ensuring access to the associated assets is never compromised

Custodial Flexibility Icon

Custodial Flexibility

Self-managed to fully managed, and anything in between

Privacy Icon


Account separation, or dedicated proxy wallets, assigned to each user-defined application provides for enhanced privacy

Limits Icon


Daily, weekly, and monthly limits can be set to spend up to a certain amount within the given time-period without the need of reaching a threshold limit requiring more than one signature

Whitelist Icon


Trusted addresses can be added to a whitelist for convenient transactions

Ultra Secure Icon

Ultra Secure

Highly secure locations offering unique physical conditions, providing one of the safest and most secure storage in the world

Tokenized Physical Asset Storage Icon

Tokenized Physical Asset Storage

Physical vaults offer the physical storage of tokenized assets such as commodities and other physical goods

Redundancy Icon


Highly secure properties in the U.S. and abroad to store assets in a distributed manner, thereby shielding them from vulnerabilities and threats in any one location

Swiss Neutrality & Privacy Icon

Swiss Neutrality & Privacy

Switzerland has some of the most robust privacy laws; neutrality and independence are two of the fundamental principles of the country

Wallet Integration Icon

Wallet Integration

Vault services fully integrate with our digital asset wallet

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