Digital Identity

In the physical world, your identity is generally made up of your name and a government-issued ID card that provides the necessary credentials to prove you are who you say you are. A Web3 ID works the same way – providing the digital world with credentials that prove you are who you say you are.

Our Unique Approach

Our Web3 ID solution allows you to safely own and store your personal information and the data you generate online, meaning the websites and online services you use cannot store or sell that information. You own and control who has access, how much they have access to, and where they have access to it – all from your own personal device(s). With a Web3 ID, you can use your identity for various purposes such as sending money or accessing services from other businesses, without giving up your private information.

A New Type of Digital Identity

Current Systems

Current Systems

Addressing data privacy and control issues is becoming increasingly critical. While many of the applications you use today are "free", in return, you exchange every aspect of your identity and data to be captured, exploited, and/or monetized. These applications have the control to do so because they own your identity inside of their platforms and ecosystems. Their systems are restrictive by design to make managing your own identity difficult, if not impossible.

Blockchain-Based Identity

Blockchain-Based Identity

A Web3 ID solution aims to address the problems of privacy, access rights to personal data and records, and the means of storage for important identifying information. Blockchain plays a vital role in rights management, as it allows for a digital asset to be distributed but not duplicated. In Web3, you have the opportunity to change the paradigm and own your identity while interacting online. A Web3 ID puts you in control.



Designed to support and integrate with other Web3 products such as digital wallets or blockchain applications, we are committed to an interoperable Web3 ID that can be your identity wherever you go in the emerging Web3 world. We’re building a suite of Web3 ID components so that anyone can easily interact and transact within Web3.


Web3 ID
Opt-in Secure Storage Icon

Opt-in Secure Storage

Identity data is highly secured and stored as a digital asset in Blockchains' military-grade bunkers

Access Control Icon

Access Control

You are in control of your information, who can access it, and how it can be used

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With access control entirely in your hands, a Web3 ID provides you with a digital view of your data story

Interoperabillity Icon


Designed to interact with other identity standards and provide you with secure, universal access to other applications in the ecosystem

Recovery Icon


The Web3 ID is secured by sophisticated key management technology to protect your identity and to allow it to be recovered if lost or compromised

Unique Singularity Icon

Unique Singularity

Biometrics allow you to prove who you are and prevent bad actors from creating more than one digital identity