Web3 Business Solutions


Welcome to the horizon of a new digital era, where individuals, businesses, and developers converge. Anchored by the Web3 ID Business Portal and SDK, this integrated ecosystem forges a new paradigm for digital interaction that translates into deeper customer relationships and new revenue opportunities. With an unwavering commitment to an interoperable Web3 ID, the journey through this emerging digital realm is unified, fortified, and boundless.


Web3 Made Seamless

Our innovative Business Portal is the ultimate platform for controlling your business identity, fostering customer engagement, managing relationships, and overseeing the creation and distribution of digital assets and credentials.

For developers and businesses seeking to extend their offerings into the Web3 domain, our SDK provides a gateway. This collection of APIs streamlines integration into the decentralized ecosystem without disrupting existing architectures, opening up a world of innovative opportunities.

Empowering Solutions for Your Needs

Business Portal

Business Portal

Effortlessly manage business identity, wallet, assets, and insights. Purchase third-party verified and high-fidelity datasets directly from users in a privacy-preserving manner. Streamlined, trustworthy transactions redefine business engagement.



Our Software Development Kit (SDK) offers the bridge to seamless integration within the evolving Web3 landscape. Craft digital solutions without uprooting existing infrastructure.



Listing decentralized applications and credentialing services across the Web3 Ecosystem, Connect empowers users to discover and seamlessly access a myriad of offerings, expanding customer reach.


Discover a world of possibilities through diverse offerings, designed to meet your unique needs. Whether you're navigating business identity or pioneering new development, our solutions help you seamlessly enter the new digital frontier.

Business Portal
Identity & Data Management Icon

Identity & Data Management

Create and manage a secure Web3 business identity and credentials.

Wallet Management Icon

Wallet Management

Store and manage wallet content and transactions in one secure interface.

Services & Asset Management Icon

Services & Asset Management

Create and manage digital assets while retaining control over licensing and ownership enforcement.

Recovery Services Icon

Recovery Services

Use our sophisticated key management technology to protect identities and assets and allow for key recovery.

Data Marketplace Icon

Data Marketplace

Purchase third-party verified data directly from consenting users which can be used for marketing, analytics, finance, and more.

Web3 Identity Toolkit Icon

Web3 Identity Toolkit

Create and manage DIDs, Verifiable Credentials and Verifiable Presentations in a Zero Knowledge proof manner.

Wallet Workbench Icon

Wallet Workbench

Craft crypto wallet use cases with ease using Gnosis' contract code base augmented with key management, roles, policies, and recovery modules.

Digital Asset Kit Icon

Digital Asset Kit

Access contract templates for common token types like ERC20, ERC 721 (NFTs) & ERC-1155 (Multi-token), simplifying token creation.

DeFi Kit Icon

DeFi Kit

Leverage Uniswap V2-based SDK functions for token swap functionality, enhancing user wallet experiences.

Multichain Support Icon

Multichain Support

Utilize all SDK capabilities across multiple EVM-based blockchains, expanding reach.

Transaction Verifier Icon

Transaction Verifier

Integrate blockchain transaction outcome forecasting into your web3 wallet, ensuring intended results.

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