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Experience a new dimension of digital control. Effortlessly manage your Web3 identity, assets, and interactions all from a single, user-friendly application. With a Web3 ID, you’re in control of your personal information, choosing how it can be shared, with whom, and for how long. Take your identity and data with you wherever you go, interacting seamlessly with other applications across the Web3 ecosystem.

Navigating the Future

At the core of our Web3 ID app lies a distinct approach to digital identity management and asset control. Our user-centric design empowers individuals to easily navigate the decentralized realm while ensuring privacy and data security. With a focus on convenience and control, we’re redefining how users engage with the new digital frontier. Experience the future of personalized, secure, and user-driven digital interactions.

Take Charge of Your Digital Identity, Assets, and Interactions



In a landscape where apps capture, exploit, and monetize user identity, a Web3 ID enables control over personal data, content, assets, and more. Our solution addresses privacy, access rights, and management issues, supporting seamless integration across Web3 products.



Addressing identity ownership and asset control, our digital wallet ensures secure, user-friendly storage for credentials, crypto, NFTs, and other assets. Our key management system facilitates permission controls as well as backup and recovery services.



Discover and connect to applications within the Web3 Ecosystem as well as browse for credential issuers and service providers. Designed to support and integrate with other Web3 products, our app provides a secure and user-centric gateway to a new era of digital experiences.

Features & Benefits

Experience the future of digital interaction with the ultimate Web3 Identity solution. With its cutting-edge technology, advanced features, and unparalleled security, our Web3 Identity app is for anyone looking to take control of their personal data and transactions online.

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Access Control

You are in control of your information, who can access it, and how it can be used.

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With access control entirely in your hands, a Web3 ID provides you with a digital view of your data story.

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Designed to interact with other identity standards and provide you with secure, universal access to other applications in the ecosystem.

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The Web3 ID is secured by sophisticated key management technology to protect your identity and to allow it to be recovered if lost or compromised.

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Unique Singularity

Biometrics allow you to prove who you are and prevent bad actors from creating more than one ID.

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