We are committed to an interoperable Web3 ID so that users can take their identity wherever they go in the emerging Web3 world.

Blockchains is building a suite of Web3 ID components so that anyone can easily interact and transact within Web3. Further, we’re creating APIs to each of these components in the form of a software development kit (SDK) that developers and other businesses can use to build their own applications on top of or integrate with the Web3 ID suite. It is our goal to foster a rich ecosystem where like-minded players will bring disparate parts of Web3 together – to help Web3 thrive and not repeat the path taken by Web2 titans.

Take part in shaping the tools and applications for Web3

This is the chance to get it right – to be part of a movement to make Web3 the place for online interaction the way it’s meant to be.

Our Web3 ID solution and SDK are currently in development. In the coming months, we’ll seek developers to participate in our beta release. If you’re interested in participating in our app and SDK testing phases, please sign up using the ‘Stay Connected’ form below and check off ‘Product Releases.’