IN3 Is Live On Ethereum

January 15, 2020

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We are excited to share the first productive release of IN3 (pronounced “in-cubed”) with the Ethereum community. The stable, mainnet-ready client has been a project in the making for some time. Blockchains, and our development arm,, is happy to reach this milestone in the software’s development.

IN3 is a minimal verification client, which means it is an interface that allows users to connect to blockchain networks like Ethereum – without the substantial storage requirements associated with running a full node. It is important to have a client like IN3 because most internet of things devices simply do not, and cannot, offer the computing power required of full nodes.

Security is paramount in the world of blockchain technology, too, so it is not feasible to reduce security in the name of accessibility. IN3, therefore, relies on a network of nodes that verify information without needing to trust a third party. Moreover, IN3 was recently audited by Diligence, ConsenSys’ auditing arm, to identify and resolve security issues with the protocol. As of writing, most of the issues identified by the audit team have been addressed, helping to make the client safer for users.

With its balance of accessibility and security, IN3 represents one of the first steps in establishing a user-friendly, safe gateway into the world of Web3. And the first productive release of our client, although a noteworthy accomplishment for us, is only the beginning; our IN3 roadmap includes many additions to the technology. For example, we are developing an incentive layer to compensate nodes’ delivery of verifiable data within the Incubed network.

We will keep you posted with IN3 updates as they arise, but for now, check out our client on GitHub. Thanks for being part of this journey with us.