A Great Union

Written by: Lee Weiss, Executive Vice President

June 3, 2019

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I could not be more excited about our acquisition of slock.it. Adding the company’s founders and development team to Blockchains allows us to greatly accelerate blockchain development efforts for our own products and collaborative partnerships. Additionally, we now have a full suite of IoT-blockchain products that can be marketed and implemented immediately.

As Blockchains is my first experience in the startup world, I am learning new things every day. While that process has been incredible, I often wish we could move even faster, which I have no doubt is an issue for executives and employees at all tech companies. Adding slock.it to Blockchains increases our development capabilities exponentially and adds exciting products overnight. Plus, we have added to our existing management team slock.it’s founders, Christoph and Simon Jentzsch, as our vice president of technology and director of blockchain development, respectively. I am extremely confident we have assembled leadership, both in northern Nevada and Europe, that can effectively implement our technological vision.

From a company culture standpoint, slock.it could not be a better fit. Prior to first engaging with the team, we were familiar with and respected slock.it’s contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem. Once we met Christoph and Simon, it was clear we shared a common ethos. Early in the discussions between our companies, I visited slock.it’s offices in Mittweida, Germany, to meet the team. I knew this could be a great union. Blockchains and slock.it share a passion for building products true to the key promise of blockchain tech – restoring trust in all transactions without the need for centralized authorities. While slock.it will maintain, and expand, its operations in Germany, our common goals and philosophy will allow us to function as a unified organization.

slock.it’s expertise and leadership role in the Ethereum community will enable Blockchains to push even harder on development in key areas, including custody, identity/reputation, energy, and governance. Although the acquisition became official on May 31, over the past several months, slock.it personnel have made multiple trips to our offices in northern Nevada to meet with Blockchains employees and partners.

This acquisition evidences our philosophy that collaboration is crucial to develop products that can lead to the widespread adoption of blockchain tech. We hope adding slock.it to Blockchains will encourage more organizations to connect with us – and others – within the blockchain space. I eagerly look forward to the impact of our enhanced capabilities for blockchain product development.