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Blakey St. John

Blakey St. John

VP, Software & AI Development

As Vice President, Software & AI Development, Blakey is a visionary leader propelled by radical curiosity, clarity, and collaboration. Leading a dynamic team of product visionaries, engineers, and artists, she spearheads the pioneering development of an immersive platform—the gateway to the New Internet.

Blakey holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Loyola Marymount University, which laid the foundation for her decade-long tenure in the film and television industry. Leveraging her mathematical prowess, she tackled unique challenges in special effects, rigging, and design, while adeptly managing complex budgets and timelines.

After that, Blakey kick-started her 20+ year career in the tech industry and founded a digital design and development shop, where she delivered impactful products for clients across the Entertainment, Healthcare, and Business sectors. Her hands-on leadership approach continued as she collaborated with gunslinger engineers and product experts, architecting innovative sales channels for businesses.

When not immersed in technology, she enjoys picking up a guitar, writing short stories, and escaping Los Angeles for her log cabin in the mountains of North Idaho with her wife, on accordion, and their dog Fred, laying down the bass.