Artificial Intelligence

We believe that AI should work for you, not the other way around. Your data should not be exploited and used without your consent. The foundation of our AI technology is to use as little data as possible to customize, streamline, and enhance your experience. Our proprietary AI technology is a paradigm shift because it’s built with a privacy-first mindset and works solely for you, not corporations seeking profit from the data you share.

That’s the power of ethical AI practices.

Revamping AI Capabilities

Obtain Digital Autonomy

Obtain Digital Autonomy

Acquire autonomy, privacy, and trust in your digital interactions. Your AI evolves with you and is designed to learn from you and provide utility in multiple contexts, growing over time.

Ethical AI Personalization

Ethical AI Personalization

Break away from unethical data sourcing practices. Our intuitive AI uses only necessary, opted-in data without compromising your privacy or exploiting it for profit.

Elevating Content Creation

Elevating Content Creation

Unlock new, magnetic realms of content creation. Our AI technology empowers you to express yourself in experiential ways, effortlessly creating and showcasing content.

Distinctly Different Details

A new kind of digital assistant that eschews data exploitation while also offering personalized experiences across navigation, display, content creation, and more.

Integrate AI Assistance Icon

Integrate AI Assistance

Accomplish more in less time, leaving you free to focus on your creativity. Your AI Assistant continually learns from you, providing help with all application aspects.

Enhance Your Creativity Icon

Enhance Your Creativity

Streamline the process of designing, constructing, and optimizing virtual spaces. Use your AI Assistant to help edit the color, texture, and orientation of objects in your space.

Simplify Customization Icon

Simplify Customization

Simplify repetitive tasks using your AI Assistant to help navigate the digital library, fetch items, and customize assets to your liking.

Personalize Icon


Using only data shared with consent, your AI Assistant understands your preferences for better customization with eliminated privacy concerns.

Easily Search Icon

Easily Search

Find the information you seek quickly and efficiently. Search for spaces and assets, with results based on the titles, descriptions, and metadata.