Our People

Uniquely Passionate And Uniformly Dedicated

Every person at Blockchains brings a uniquely qualified perspective and heartfelt commitment to being an agent of change. We are unified in our resolve to transform our current digital infrastructure, forging a new way to restore the original vision of the internet.

We are a passionate group, and our collaborative, people-first mindset shows in how we work.

Our People

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United in Purpose

We are talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals across the country. Our team might be separated by distance, but our spirit of collaboration knows no bounds. At Blockchains, no one will ever say, “Ask someone else. That’s not my job.” We live and breathe our mission, which powers our determination and grit. We thrive on purpose, ambition, and making a difference. We are looking for champions with a strong sense of justice, a passion for decentralized technology, and a desire to accomplish greater good.