Our Story

The Blockchains Vision

Driven by a sense of justice and compassion, Blockchains was founded in 2017 by consumer protection attorney Jeffrey Berns. Disheartened by the state of online interactions, he realized he could combine his passions for blockchain technology and consumer rights to build a company focused on creating a better digital future for everyone. This company is Blockchains.

We were built on a foundation of unwavering integrity, ignited by a fervent desire to challenge the status quo and pioneer innovative technological solutions. Over the past seven years, Blockchains has meticulously assembled a dedicated, dynamic group of people who embody the diverse and impressive range of skills, perspectives, and experiences needed to create the future of the web.

We are actively developing Web3 solutions that allow you, the users, to own, control, and manage your digital identities and assets. At the core of every decision, we ensure the individual is paramount and that we enable everyone to safely access, participate, and transact in a growing Web3 ecosystem.

I spent my career fighting bullies, fighting big companies, and I whole-heartedly believe there is no other fix. We have to empower ourselves, and this technology – supported by infrastructure and the real-world – truly can empower everyone.

Jeffrey Berns, Founder
Jeffrey Berns,
 Rebuilding the internet so you benefit.

Our Purpose

We are a purpose-driven innovator committed to freeing your digital identity from the challenges of corporate control. We are guiding the way, navigating through a crucial paradigm shift. Our purpose drives Blockchains’ strategic decisions, product development, partnership evaluations, hiring processes, and corporate social responsibility. We are showing the world how blockchain can revolutionize our everyday lives—because everyone has a story to tell, and they should control how it’s told.

Declaration of Intent

A culmination of our beliefs, values, and actions that guide us.

It’s Time for People-First
We are at a pivotal moment where we can forge a new era of digital control.

Personal Power. Ownership.

You wield the power to shape your digital presence. Embrace Web3 ID for economic and organizational empowerment, placing control firmly in your hands.

This is Your Digital Life
You are the pioneers, the generation that demands ownership and control of your digital existence.

Create fearlessly. Express yourself.

Show up exactly how you want & own your creations.

This is Our Promise
We are the conduit for a transformative journey into a new digital era.
We are the catalyst for an internet that is a collective of distinct and powerful individual voices.

You, empowered. Your data, safeguarded. Traditional norms, redefined.

Welcome to the dawn of Web3.

Empower Everyone

We believe people have the right to control their information and data.

Empower Everyone

Transform Technology

We believe technology should be a force for good and can make the world a better place.

Transform Technology

Reimagine Everything

We believe the status quo must be challenged by people who can think beyond their own profit.

Reimagine Everything
Our People

Our People

Everyone at Blockchains is passionately committed to our mission.



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