Our Story

The Blockchains Vision

Blockchains was founded in July 2014 by Jeffrey Berns, a consumer protection attorney and early adopter of blockchain technology. With our founder’s background at the forefront of everything we do, we are committed to protecting and empowering individuals through the development of applications, services, and ecosystems set to change the way people interact with technology, infrastructure, and each other. Our software solutions presently in development focus on preparing the world for the next phase of the internet’s evolution – Web 3.0 – with an emphasis on digital identity, digital assets, connected devices, and a stable means of digital payment.

Blockchains is dedicated to innovating with unlimited velocity; so, our efforts do not stop at software. We envision a world transformed by blockchain technology, in which the distinct line between digital- and real-world interactions no longer exists; or at the very least, all of our actions are interwoven. Blockchains plans to build an advanced technology park in northern Nevada, where we, along with other like-minded companies, can come together in a sandbox environment to create a better future for all.

I spent my career fighting bullies, fighting big companies, and I whole-heartedly believe there is no other fix. We have to empower ourselves, and this technology – supported by infrastructure and the real-world – truly can empower everyone.

Jeffrey Berns, Founder
Jeffrey Berns,

Our Purpose

We are on a mission to reimagine and build the infrastructure and tools needed for greater personal control over digital interactions and better protection of personal information through blockchain-based security, while offering the freedom of choice and an easy-to-use interface—all for the purpose of empowering individuals.

Our purpose drives Blockchains’ strategic decisions, product development, partnership evaluations, organizational structure, and corporate social responsibility.

Declaration of Intent

Blockchains' manifesto is a culmination of our beliefs, values, and actions that guide us.

A lot of companies are out to change the world.
And a lot of technology they create is doing just that.
But are the changes helping or hurting?
It seems like every day we have less trust, less transparency, and less convenience,
replaced with more terms…
more conditions…
more questions…
and more doubt than ever before.
We’re out to change the world…but only for the better.
To a place where trust isn’t implied… it’s guaranteed.
Where everyone gets a fair shake and no one gets shaken down.
Where your vote is your vote…
your name is yours alone…
and your word…is your bond.
A place where everything that matters is protected by a bond that is unbreakable.
How will we change the world?
One block at a time.

Our Vision

Do Good

We empower people, protect the planet, and fight for what's right.

Ways We Do Good
Do Good

Make a Mark

We turn larger-than-life ideas into actionable achievements.

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Make a Mark

Be Daring

We challenge the status-quo and believe in our ability to do so.

Become Part of Our Team
Be Daring

Get There Together

We have unyielding faith that great change comes from collaboration.

Meet the Crew
Get There Together

Company Stats

Employees residing in 9 countries
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Our People

Our People

We are dreamers, builders, thinkers, and innovators here to prove what the blockchain can do.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Our purpose — to reimagine everything and empower everyone — may be too ambitious to some, but not to us.



It's not enough to have a job − we have a mission: to show that blockchain technology can, should, and will change the world for the better.