Social Experiences

We believe your identity—your hopes, fears, and dreams—are what make you unique and your social perspective vital. Your passions fuel content, spark discourse, and ignite movements. Whether you are a creator, active participant, or passive viewer, we believe in an internet where we can craft meaningful social experiences tailored to enrich our lives. We are heralding a new era of self-expression and ownership, ensuring you retain autonomy over your experience.

That’s the power of your creation.

Authority Over Your Digital Life

We are committed to freeing you and your creativity from the suppression and control of today’s big social media platforms. We aim to toss aside algorithms skewed by paid advertising, which prioritize sponsored corporate content. We are dedicated to providing you with safe spaces to express yourself freely, knowing you and your ideas are not the property of anyone but you.

Show Up and Engage on Your Own Terms

Personal Expression

Personal Expression

Express yourself however you like. You control how you show up in other spaces and who you invite into your community.

Verified Connections and Trusted Interactions

Verified Connections and Trusted Interactions

Feel reassured that connections are genuine and user-owned. We facilitate authentic relationships and enable trustful transactions without the need for self-interested intermediaries.

Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

Power your imagination, or our AI, to unlock your creative freedom. You will always maintain complete control over your content and how and if it’s monetized.

Distinctly Different Details

Breaking Boundaries: A New Era for Social Media

Customize Engaging Spaces Icon

Customize Engaging Spaces

Establish a unique identity and presence through space personalization. Build community through interactive environments, cultivating your audience's sense of belonging and loyalty.

AI-Assisted Procedural Generation Icon

AI-Assisted Procedural Generation

Create beautiful and engaging 3D spaces that offer compelling experiences and interactions. The scalability of your AI Assistant powers space creation and regeneration to your liking.

Access User Controls Icon

Access User Controls

Produce a versatile framework for managing your online communities and content distribution. Gate content within your space and use subscriptions to enable content views.

Customize Space Details  Icon

Customize Space Details

Manage your space settings to optimize the presentation of your content. Differentiate yourself from others by offering unique and memorable user experiences.

Integrate 3D Objects Icon

Integrate 3D Objects

Choose from thousands of 3D objects that you can customize from our asset library.

Embed Social Widgets Icon

Embed Social Widgets

Facilitate seamless interaction between your content and your audience. Attach a social widget to any object in your space to give it functionality and interactivity.

Cultivate Social Interactions Icon

Cultivate Social Interactions

Generate new opportunities to connect with your audience by allowing them to interact with content and provide comments, likes, and follows.