We believe your Web3 ID should be personal, portable, and, most importantly, owned and controlled by you. It allows you to possess a singular, authenticated, and verifiable digital identity in a Web3 digital wallet. It permits selective disclosure, the right to share some, all, or none of your data to other people or businesses, and the right to revoke access to your data.

That’s the power of the people’s internet.

Empowering a Secure Identity That Belongs to You



We are fighting to help you take control of your digital identity.

Ensuring Security

Ensuring Security

Amidst data breaches and privacy concerns, we provide the tools for you to safeguard your personal data.

Delivering Autonomy

Delivering Autonomy

While corporations thrive on creating user dependency, we offer a digital identity that belongs to you.

Distinctly Different Details

An identity that is personal, portable, and owned by you.

Verify Identities  Icon

Verify Identities

Ensure security in online interactions with identity verification. Web3 ID enables trustful transactions, eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, and establishes community trust.

Disclose Details of Your Choosing Icon

Disclose Details of Your Choosing

Build your identity with self-disclosed data. Your reputation will help others know they can trust what you've chosen to disclose.

Access User Control Icon

Access User Control

Feel secure knowing that you are in control of what you share, what can be searched, and what can be viewed by others.

Safeguard Privacy Icon

Safeguard Privacy

Ensure your identity and data remain yours. Our user-centric design prioritizes your privacy and security, guaranteeing you are in control of your data.

Enable Recovery Icon

Enable Recovery

Securely back up and recover your identity and wallet if your phone is lost, compromised, or stolen.

Build Reputation Icon

Build Reputation

Establish a reputation based on your actions, interactions, and contributions. Your reputation can serve as a key to unlocking opportunities, experiences, and trusted connections.

Manage Payment Options Icon

Manage Payment Options

Manage payments with a credit or debit card attached to your Web3 ID. You can conveniently pay for goods, services, content, and other items.

Add Multiple Profiles  Icon

Add Multiple Profiles

Create more than one profile and apply different credentials to each. Easily switch between profiles, archive profiles, and organize your contacts by profile.

Trust Bank-Grade ID Verification Icon

Trust Bank-Grade ID Verification

Establish secure and trustworthy relationships, knowing other users undergo rigorous procedures and protocols to verify their identity.