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Raghu Rao

Raghu Rao

Head of Legal

Raghu Rao, serving as Blockchains’ Senior Counsel for Software Products, handles the legal complexities of launching new software products, ensuring they comply with legal standards while aligning with business objectives. His approach is centered around practicality and understanding the unique needs of the tech industry.

Raghu’s legal career, spanning over 13 years, is distinguished by his experience in M&A tax law, consulting, and deal work. A defining moment was his tenure as a founding member of the legal team at Zoom, where he wore many hats and contributed to a wide array of legal, operational, and business transformations.  Before his current role, Raghu also ventured into entrepreneurship by starting his own legal consulting practice, GoatLaw. This venture underscored his deep understanding of the legal landscape and his ability to provide tailored legal solutions to startups.

He and his wife, along with their two boys, relish their beachside brunches, a cherished family ritual. He is also an avid and competitive tennis player and poker enthusiast.