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Michael Ross

Michael Ross

Sr. Director, Technology

Michael Ross, Sr. Director of Technology at Blockchains, is responsible for leading technology initiatives across the company. He is an accomplished Software and IT Executive with an impressive career that includes advancement to increasingly demanding leadership roles based on his success in managing and improving technology organizations.

Recently, with Mythical Games Inc., Michael served as Vice President of technology, responsible for all technical operations across the company. Michael drove the development and execution of its blockchain, platform, and game backend, with input to all R&D efforts.

Michael has a broad and refined technical skill set that includes most modern languages, platforms, components, and patterns. His expertise in Agile Methodologies, Test-Driven Development, and Project Management, combined with strong and current technical skills, allows him to guide his teams to achieve desired results.

With his wife Diane, Michael enjoys traveling, particularly to mountainous locations with Blue Ribbon trout streams. When at home, he’s almost certainly chasing around his grandkids.