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Sinclair Fleming

Sinclair Fleming

Senior Director, Immersive Platform Architecture

Sinclair works at the intersection of immersive technology and Blockchains’ efforts in privacy, trust, and self-sovereign identity to create a reimagined Internet experience.

With more than three decades of software and hardware engineering work, Sinclair is a design leader focused on creating the technology that delivers experiences.  He has done extensive work in VR, XR, and location-based entertainment after many years of designing and manufacturing cameras for film, TV, and aerospace applications.  His work as lead engineer at Starbreeze Studios included “Hero” which won the Tribeca Film Festival’s 2018 Storyscapes award and the 2019 Lumiere award for best immersive experience.  Sinclair’s career experience includes enterprise architecture, developing large-scale software systems, and early IoT products.  He holds degrees in information and computer science, electronics, and a master’s in business administration.

It’s hard to discern Sinclair’s interests outside of work since they often look like work.  He enjoys relaxing in front of 3D CAD software, writing firmware for microcontrollers, and expanding his home automation system.  Actual hobbies include Halloween haunt technology and besting Clark Griswold’s holiday lights.