Our People

Jeff Metzger

Senior Manager, Communications Enablement

In his role as Senior Manager, Communications Enablement, Jeff thrives on the challenge of taking the most out-of-this-world technologies and bringing them down to earth for all of us humans.

Jeff is an accomplished speaker and leader with a record of top performance in a variety of highly technical, startup, and retail environments. He prides himself on his ability to grok any technology or system and develop a clean narrative to help others follow the path to audience adoption. Jeff holds a firm conviction in the transformative potential of Web3, recognizing it as a revolutionary platform not only for interpersonal relationships but also for reshaping how we relate to brands and institutions.

Jeff brings a unique background and skill set to Blockchains, having dedicated portions of his career in the realms of professional acting and directing, team leadership, and startup storytelling. He understands there is an artful science to captivating an audience, and firmly believes that the art of engagement is a skill that can be learned. Whether it’s live events, podcasts, web spaces, film, or television it all comes down to confidence, competence, and passionate enthusiasm.