Blockchains Acquires evan GmbH

April 1, 2021

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Blockchains, Inc., a Nevada-based blockchain technology company committed to protecting and empowering individuals, today announced its acquisition of evan GmbH. Headquartered in Dresden, Germany, evan focuses on building for the new economy through its blockchain-based decentralized identifier solutions.

“Developing a trust infrastructure based on digital identity is key for cooperation on the blockchain. Enabling parties to transfer trust from the real world to the digital world is what led us to Blockchains,” said Thomas Müller, evan’s co-founder and CEO. “Digital identity is in Blockchains’ DNA. We are very excited to be joining the Blockchains family and working with like-minded innovators and visionary developers to empower individuals and businesses.”

In 2018, the founders of evan GmbH set out to jump-start the movement to Web 3.0 by developing decentralized identifiers for businesses to interact directly with each other without an intermediary, by leveraging automation and a trust and trace-based methodology. Evan’s core technologies have significant implications for Blockchains’ suite of solutions currently in development. The companies plan to integrate evan’s solution stack with Blockchains’ digital platform, to empower individuals to control their personal information and assets.

Recognized as one of Gartner’s Cool Vendors in Blockchain Business in 2020, evan is a contributor of the W3C, an international consortium where member organizations and the public work together to develop Web standards. Additionally, the company is a member of the Decentralized Identity Foundation and partners with Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation network organizations.

Evan’s expertise extends to employing identity through IoT devices for use-cases in a variety of industries, including energy, government services, transportation, and healthcare. “How IoT connects to decentralized identifiers provides significant privacy benefits when these devices are communicating directly with the outside world, and when the devices operate with multiple parties in different contexts, such as when part of a supply chain or when integrated into smart city infrastructure,” said Thomas Herbst, co-founder and CTO, evan GmbH.

“The value that evan brings to Blockchains is not only in the tremendously talented people who built a technology portfolio based on a much-needed trust infrastructure, but also a deep understanding for developing decentralized solutions with global interoperability standards in mind,” said Lee Weiss, executive vice president, Blockchains. “Whether for companies to be able to work together and with us in our blockchain-based smart city in Nevada, or for us to be able to partner with a wide scale of enablers for our digital ecosystem, interoperability is key.”

Together, evan and Blockchains are writing a new chapter in the evolution of the web by breaking dependencies on central platform providers and giving individuals back their autonomy in the digital space.

About Blockchains, Inc.

Blockchains conceptualizes, develops, and incubates blockchain-powered ideas. The company owns more than 67,000 acres in northern Nevada that it intends to use as a real-world sandbox for showcasing blockchain and other innovative technologies. Blockchains is committed to protecting and empowering individuals through the development of applications and ecosystems set to change the way people interact with technology, infrastructure, and each other. Blockchains’ software solutions presently in development focus on preparing the world for the next phase of the internet’s evolution, with an emphasis on digital identity management, digital asset management, and blockchain connectivity for IoT devices.

About evan GmbH

Every product is a digital product – that is the vision of evan GmbH. The software company offers solutions that enable companies to collaborate efficiently, sustainably, and securely with their partners in the digital space. At the company’s locations in Dresden, Eisenach, and Stuttgart, the evan team is shaping the future of the digital market economy based on decentralized technologies – thus ensuring more transparency and trust in digital business relationships. Evan’s customers come from a variety of industries, including textiles, mobility, FMCG, construction machinery rental, logistics, and healthcare.