IN3 Goes Live On Ethereum Mainnet

January 5, 2020

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The Latest Release Represents A Major Milestone In The Client’s Development Roadmap.

Mittweida, Germany – Blockchains, LLC, and its development arm, GmbH, announce the first stable release of IN3 (Incubed), a minimal verification client, on the Ethereum mainnet and associated test networks. Included with this release is the TypeScript version of the IN3 client, node, and registry.
IN3 allows individuals to statelessly connect their internet-enabled devices to Ethereum. Because IN3 does not need to sync with the live network, users can avoid the substantial storage requirements associated with running a full Ethereum node.
“We are thrilled to finally offer a productive version of IN3 to the Ethereum community,” said Senior Vice President of Technology Christoph Jentzsch. “As the Ethereum state continues to grow, it is important to have a client like IN3, which requires minimal resources, that enables more people to access and interact with the blockchain.”
The nano edition of IN3 requires only 150 KB of storage, while the full version requires 450 KB, depending on the firmware used. Most full Ethereum nodes can also become IN3 nodes; users simply add the IN3 interface software to their existing nodes, then register in the IN3 registry.
“A large reason why Blockchains was founded was to ensure that everybody, not just those with substantial resources, could participate in the world of blockchain technology,” said President David Berns. “The stable release of IN3 is a crucial step toward enabling blockchain access for all, starting with Ethereum.”
Next on the IN3 roadmap is the development of an incentive layer that will allow nodes to be compensated for their delivery of verifiable, and thereby secure, data. Additionally, stable C and WebAssembly versions of IN3, which are presently in beta, are planned for release in 2020.
The free IN3 download is available under the Affero General Public License for open-source software. Source code can be found within IN3’s GitHub repository at

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