The Most Mysterious Company In Blockchain To Launch At Devcon

October 16, 2018

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100 miles of land to build a sandbox? Far more than Musk’s Tesla next door in Nevada’s industrial park northeast of Reno. Enough for a city, but it’s not for mining.
“It will be the most talked-about event in Prague. It will be moving. And we want it to include you,” they say, adding “groundbreaking news from Blockchains, LLC founder, Jeffrey Berns.”
They talk the talk, and they have our imagination running wild. Could it possibly be? Is it really that big?
“If you think we bought enough land that we are the same size as the city of Reno, let your mind go on what we have planned,” Berns said, adding:
“There will be a huge physical presence and unlike anything that has ever been seen. What we will build here will change not just Nevada but the entire planet. It literally will emanate from here.
This will become the blockchain center of the universe. And because of that, all that blockchain has to offer will start here.”
Nevada’s Governor Brian Sandoval seems to agree. “One of the next big chapters in this Nevada story is Blockchains,” he said.
A former attorney, Berns litigated cases against banks for years. That apparently left him with a bad taste, blockchain the savior.
“Imagine a world where people can collaborate from anywhere they are, establish rules for their collaboration, exchange value, and have it all enforced by blockchain – not by a government, not by a bank, but by code that’s guaranteed to do what it’s supposed to do,” Berns said.
“The stuff that is being developed right now is going to change every facet of our life – how we work, how we play, and how we live.”
They opened the temporary headquarters in June, hiring 70 individuals with plans to hire 1,000 by 2021 and eventually tens of thousands.
Sandoval has renamed the area of 67,000 acres of land as innovation park. In a video, they say they’re building a sandbox.
On their website, they say “a lot of companies say they want to change the world. We’re here to do it.”
Just what they plan to do exactly we do not know, but we think we have it figured out. A big open lab, where IoT, automation and all these things we’ve been talking about are actually implemented.
Where a Tesla car is perhaps connected to an ethereum smart contract. Where the fridge does order its dinner, and does get it delivered, all by itself. Where drones maybe are DAOs. A blockchain city, bringing the future today.
They’re focused on building solely on ethereum’s blockchain. So presumably utilizing its smart contracts in an open lab of sorts where people have fun in a safe sandbox as “real” applications or the “real” world is not directly affected.
That’s until they’re refined and so on, brought to the “real” world. But in the blockchain city they can do what they want. Try it all out, test everything, build everything.
Can it really be that big? Well, the land certainly is. More than 100 square miles, 160 kms of land. They’ve submitted a telecommunications application with the Nevada Public Utilities Commission in late August to “build, operate, and maintain a new fiber optic network” serving businesses inside the industrial park and for “future residents of the surrounding area.”
Connection speeds might reach 40G, according to local media. They’d obviously need fast internet if they’re going to connect all those machines to ethereum’s smart contracts. With the setting next to Tesla, Panasonic, and other tech giants being fairly perfect for a massive blockchain lab where much is on the backend.
If that’s indeed the vision, and we do not know but it fits, then perhaps they’re right to talk the talk. Because there is indeed some friction in building these things as a fridge company might think the idea of giving it smart contracts is way out there. Once it’s built, however, and is actually shown to get the food delivered, well they might buy it.
If our guess is right, then it should all be confirmed at Devcon on November the 1st during the Blockchains Global Launch Event.
That’s just one of many as Devcon is packed with events this year, in addition to all the speeches and so on which we should find out any second now once the agenda is published.
Yet if our guess is correct, if they’re really going to build a smart contracts city where everything runs on ethereum and the vision of a blockchain world is brought to life, then this may well be the biggest event indeed.