U.S. – Korea Strategic Infrastructure Summit

May 18, 2021

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Seoul National University (SNU) College of Engineering under the leadership of Dean Kookheon Char, in Seoul, Republic of Korea, will hold a U.S. – Korea Strategic Infrastructure Summit organized by SNU GRC Director, Prof. Junseok Hwangat SNU’s Siheung Campus Education & Collaboration Center from 9:00 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. KST on May 20, 2021.  


Norman Anderson, who advised former USA administrations of former US Presidents Clinton and Obama, and currently advises President Joe Biden’s administration, together with a senior delegation from US-based Blockchains, Inc., led by Blockchains Executive Vice President, Lee Weiss.  

Anderson and Blockchains, a Nevada-based blockchain technology company committed to protecting and empowering individuals, are jointly leading businesses of infrastructure investment while consulting for U.S.- based developers, institutes, and business leaders. They will be joined by Michael Woods, CEO/COO of Big Sun Holdings–the U.S.-based global accelerator for the South Korea headquartered HN Inc. family of companies. 


The summit will feature talks about the strategies, directions, and contents of the Biden administration’s programs for large-scale investment for infrastructure rebuilding and new infrastructure investment, and the implications of those plans for the Korean New Deal and the American Jobs Plan. Through detail deep discussions between representatives of government agencies, industries, and academics, this will be a holistically integrative event in pursuit of grand economic collaboration between the two nations. 

 It will also include a signing ceremony of multiple agreements. In keeping with the focus of the summit, these agreements will formally acknowledge the commitments by key participants to work together to address infrastructure needs.  

 The event is expected to result in mutually beneficial economic interactions through more governmental, industrial, and academic collaboration.