Blockchains - Inveiling The Future
Unveiling The Future

Unveiling The Future

Blockchains is dedicated to innovating with unlimited velocity; so, our efforts do not stop at software. We envision a world transformed by blockchain technology.

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We are taking an integrated and holistic approach
as to how blockchain technology can effectuate the fundamental transformation for a new digital world.
Identity Management

Your online presence and interactions with companies in the real world that digitize their records create a comprehensive digital identity, and not necessarily one that you have in your control. Currently, your personal data and digital footprint have been recorded and stored with little to no input from you as to how it will be used today or in the future. Instead, it’s largely controlled by the institutions with which you interact: the DMV, the doctor’s office, the bank, social media platforms, search engines, credit rating agencies, and shopping websites. Blockchain technology for decentralized digital identities is paving the way for an important paradigm shift centered around control of your digital identity: you can be in control of your personal data, who has access to what parts of it, and under what conditions.

Digital Asset Management

When thinking of digital assets, cryptocurrency often comes to mind. However, currencies such as bitcoin and Ether do not capture the full range of possibilities offered by the digital asset class. For example, rights to physical assets or even personal identifiable data can also be represented digitally as tokens on blockchain networks. To address the challenges and risks associated with an individual or entity having total control over their digital assets, a secure, user-friendly interface with the means to transact and store those digital assets is fundamental in the development of applications and systems that interact with blockchain-based solutions.

Connected Devices & Services

The value of public blockchain networks is limited if we cannot easily access their data and interact with them securely. It is particularly important that the devices or software applications have the capability to verify and validate the information themselves, without reliance on intermediaries who may or may not be trusted. By connecting smart devices to a blockchain – from smartphones and computers to internet-enabled cars, smart locks, advanced manufacturing machines, and security systems – we can facilitate marketplaces, payment services, or even a sharing economy for the Internet of Things. Our resource-optimized blockchain client solves the problem of connecting a device or software application to the blockchain efficiently, removing the need to synchronize all data while still having the capability to verify and validate all data in the device.

the Blockchains Difference

We turn larger-than-life ideas into actionable achievements.

Our software solutions presently in development focus on preparing the world for the next phase of the internet’s evolution – Web 3.0 – with an emphasis on digital identity, digital assets, connected devices, and a stable means of digital payment.

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