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Rebuilding The Internet So You Benefit

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Here, we don’t just believe—we know—it’s your fundamental right to own and control your digital identity. It’s time to empower you—the user—to take control.

A People’s

We’re at the dawn of a digital renaissance.

Blockchains is leading the movement to restore the internet's original promise—creating a people-first future where you own your digital identity. We are developing vital solutions that will empower users with autonomy, privacy, and trust in their digital interactions – taking control away from powerful corporations and putting it where it belongs—with you.

Our daily digital interactions are compromised. Many companies require us to share personal information in exchange for their services, which they often use for their own gain, giving us no real option to provide meaningful consent for the wealth they obtain at our expense. Blockchains envisions a better way of interacting online where individuals have control over their data. We're dedicated to creating technologies that prioritize personal freedom and privacy, laying the groundwork for a digital future that empowers people.
Social Experiences
Social media has become fragmented. Creators are stuck in “rent-seeking” platforms whose high price to play has drained their creativity and whose opportunistic algorithms have given them little control over their content visibility and community engagement. Audiences, too, are frustrated with the inundation of irrelevant content and intrusive corporate ads. Blockchains is carving a new path forward, prioritizing user autonomy, ownership of digital works, and opportunities for more fulfilling content monetization.
Artificial Intelligence
AI is a new frontier for us all. However, unethical AI practices have already unleashed data misuse, the spread of misinformation, the amplification of biased algorithms, and more. Blockchains has set out to push boundaries and boldly create new ideas that reform AI with transparent and fair datasets, ensuring privacy for all parties involved. We are developing a new kind of digital AI Assistant that provides customized experiences and content creation with minimal, yet consented to, data collection.

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